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’til death do us part’: The Greatest Marriage of All Time

’til death do us part’: The Greatest Marriage of All Time

Treaty of the Union The Treaty that started the greatest marriage of all time.

Marriage can be a difficult thing. Often in a marriage, nobody quite detests their other half more than the spouse that is forced to spend the rest of their life with them! I remember complaining to my Grandmother that my Grandfather would shout and swear, being the army man he was, far too often. I could not imagine any sane woman tolerating it, but her response to me was indeed one that would not make sense until a few years later. She told me that despite all of the flaws in her chosen spouse, she knew she loved him. Despite his incessant shouting, she remarked that when he is gone, the silence would be much more deafening and tragic. I realised that love is not an airy-fairy, fluffy feeling that you get in your stomach. Nor is it that moment…

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