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Album Review – COLLABRO – Stars


Collabro have had little time to prepare for this album after winning Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) earlier this year, although I appreciate they have the might of Simon Cowell and Syco Music behind them. All the tracks are from the musical theatre, apart from Secrets (written by American Pop/Rock band One Republic) and All Of Me (John Legend) and they have put in all the necessary hard work to make this a debut album one they can be proud of. Their trade mark harmonies,that wowed us on BGT, are all there and you cannot fault their voices.


Nobody had heard of Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan, Michael Auger and Thomas J Redgrave aka Collabro before they won BGT. They are five very talented, very young guys; the the youngest members are only 21. They are passionate about what they do and they are all Leading Man material for the…

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A Positive Case for the United Kingdom

An incredibly well thought out post with brilliant points on a subject so close to everyone’s hearts at the moment- roll on the 18th!


Whilst I understand that my opinion, which I hope to accurately portray in the following essay, will most probably not influence the decision of any one person in the Scottish Independence Referendum, I still feel the need to contribute something of substance to the debate which will shape the lives of millions of people over the next forever.

As is made perfectly clear in the title of this piece, I am going to be voting ‘No’ come the 18th September and having heard an abundance of arguments in the past year, ranging from the genuinely meaningful to the brinks of absurdity (from both sides) I feel a need to justify/clarify my reasoning in coming to this decision.

Positivity, Unity and Social Welfare

 The Better Together campaign is commonly seen as one of negativity and fear mongering but I believe the case for maintaining the Union presents a much…

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