01 Jul

Well done on your completion of the epic brick! All the quotes you’ve chosen are absolutely fantastic and I’m going to have to reblog this post just so I can look at them properly when I get a spare moment!
Phoenixflames12 xxx

The Dream

After one year and 4ish months of trying, I did it: I finished reading Les Miserables.

And if you can bear a quote post, it might be worth your time. Victor Hugo has a way with words that is outrageously perceptive, understanding, descriptive, and faithful. He definitely redeemed himself in my eyes (I had only ever read passages from The Hunch Back of Notre Dame before, specifically the part where he goes on and on about architecture for like 40 pages). Thank you, Magdalene, for giving me such an awesome Christmas present almost two years ago!

Plus he had bangin’ taste. Check out V. Hugo’s room:

Victor Hugo's bedroom Images from

…On Love

This following one might be my favorite thing about love ever:

Can two people charm and delight one another too much, be too happy, too much alive? … For what is the sun if not love, and what is…

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