Non-canon Les Miserables Friendship Description List

18 Jun

Yes! Yes, yes, yes to all of these- especially Enjolras/Cosette, Enjolras/Combeferre and Grantaire/Marius- I’ve never really thought about those two working together before now but it makes sense! Brilliant post and definitely worth a re-blog!
Phoenixflames12 x

Meet me on the surface of Jupiter.

Modern AU or not, I really love the idea and depiction by many different authors of the friendship between the barricade boys (and Cosette) in their works.

(For examples, I suggest reading Let Me Count The Ways by zimriya, Hacker Au [series] by Ark and A Tupperware Full of Love by sarahyyy.)

Basically, this is how I describe the friendships I’ve come to love and grow intensely jealous of. You’ll find they are very e/R-centric.

  • Enjolras-Cosette friendship in which they are both intense dragon flames and cannot be tamed, social justice-wise or not, unless you bring milk and cookies in the middle of the night
  • Enjolras-Combeferre friendship in which they read each other’s minds and don’t need actual words to communicate
  • Enjolras-Courfeyrac friendship in which Enjolras has to fight the urge to smack Courf with a newspaper but loves him anyway
  • Enjolras-Joly friendship in which they fuss over the tiniest details…

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