Why haven’t we seen a ‘Miss Saigon’ movie yet?

02 Jun

Exactly! I’m intrigued about your Spielberg point and here’s another question: would the director consider doing live vocals re Tom Hooper and Les Miserables 2012? Really can’t wait to see what the thoughts are on this after the revival’s run…
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misssaigon (1) Guns + Helicopters + Singing = Oscars

I still remember when rumours ran wild following the release of Les Miserables in December of 2012. Yet there has been no really reports on any development of the film version of the infamous musical from the writers of Les Miz.

It makes sense though doesn’t it?

When a film receives both critical and box-office reward, then isn’t it worth making the film while the musical ‘craze’ is still fresh in the mind. To be fair, Mackintosh, the producer of ‘Les Miz’ on stage and screen, did then revive ‘Saigon’ on the stage.

With £4 million in sales on it’s first day of opening sales, it is clear to say that it has been hit. It is still not safe to say if the show will have longevity, but it still reinforces that there is an interest in the show. However, this is…

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