Heather and Happiness in the Highlands (Memories of Summer 2013)

18 May

Heather, Highlands and Happiness

(Disclaimer: All photos are from personal Facebook pages and do not have/should not be used for any commercial enterprise- thanks!)

It’s finals. This time in a week, I will be at home having completed first year and hopefully got the keys to my new flat. My sister will be in North Carolina on Camp America and I’ll be getting ready to head off to a week long cookery course at Edinburgh New Town School of Cookery before making the trek up to the wild and wooly moors of Ullapool for a few weeks of fun, rain, tons of laughter, cooking, sheep, boats and a great big dollop of having to move Highland ponies back down a wet, cold, untracked moor in the pouring, West Coast rain thrown into the mix.

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about all this. Sitting in my room in Halls right now with the roar of traffic pulsing through my open window, the vast expanse of Coulmore and East Rhiddoric with its’ constantly changing palate of pale blue skies that can so easily change into splashes of thunderous violet and streaks of amber seem almost a lifetime away from the buzzing, throbbing energy of Glasgow’s West End. There will be no internet in one of my godmother’s houses on the West Coast, just sun and sea, tractors and boats, the occasional dog galavanting across the moors; the squelch of bog moss under my feet. If I close my eyes, I can taste the sweet, sharp tang of the sea rising up across the fields from the beach, can hear the lonely cry of the curlew echoing over the moors as you dive down into the gorse bushes; trying to herd up sheep for sheering.

At the end of school last year, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks up in this paradise; meeting four of the craziest, most genuine people I have ever had the honour of getting to know and loving every second of it. I had literally just finished my final set of school exams and was feeling not only drained at the thought of my formal education being over for ever; but two parts nervous, two parts exhilarated that I got the chance to leave the confining shackles of school life behind for two blissfully brief weeks which seemed far too short! We laughed, we cried, we moaned over the seemingly never ending trials of weeding out fields, we learnt how to drive a bashed up red tractor which was hilarious, we were transported back to our childhood with helicopter hats and pigtails and life seeming to be glorious.

Agnes driving/posing with the Massey Ferguson tractor


Jess, Julien and Richard trying to decipher what could have become their frisbee and how one of the other members of our little group  of ragtag madmen was going to get it down. Oh Claudio….


No doubt I’ll write another blog post after this year’s set of adventures fresh with new faces, new experiences and a whole new melting pot of thoughts; having hopefully forgone getting lost on a moor with no dog and no phone reception or spending two hours crammed in a battered old land rover with about seven other people, three dogs and a sick lamb whilst still grinning like mad but we shall see- watch this space!

The Infamous Black Isle Swim Club (feat. Jess, Jamie and Richard)


Much love,

Phoenixflames12 xxx 🙂


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