You know you’re an English student when… (Part Three)

16 May

Perfect! I loved the bits about making fun of science students (I live with two engineers and a linguist/scientist) and then getting eight essays- so, so true for me last semester! An excellent rundown of what it’s like to be an English student!
Much love,
Phoenixflames12 x


1. Your friends think you’re some kind of intellectual hero.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

(An updated drawing from my best friend, who drew the lovely image on my ‘About’ page. I’ve changed in her view, evidently.)

2. You’ve seen a male lecturer stumble through a ‘Language and Gender’ topic with a predominantly female audience.

“And so the difference between sex and gender is in the mind. No, I didn’t mean to say that. What I mean is that sex is about genitalia and – no, forget that. What I really mean to say is – oh, for the love of my job, just ask your parents.”

3. Alternatively, you’ve had to bear witness to a secular lecturer talking about the Bible.

“Of course this is only one interpretation of the Bible. There are many interpretations – unless you believe that there’s only one. This part is clearly metaphoric, but it can be taken literally!…

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