Keep Moving Forward

08 May

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Each Disney GIF was really well placed and makes this post all the more poignant and yet for a student/aspiring writer like me, all the more uplifting! Thank you for this!
Phoenixflames12 x

Steven Salvatore

So you work really, really hard on your manuscript.

Like, harder than you’ve ever worked before. You’ve juggled a billion different storylines and characters and arcs…

…and it’s finally perfect. It’s where you want it to be and the bigger picture is in sight!

It became a labor of love. And now you finally feel like you can get it off the ground…

So you start the whole querying process. You write a #BOMB query letter:

So you’re really optimistic about the whole process:

You’re totally confident that some wonderful agent is going to come and pluck you out of obscurity and make all of your dreams come true!

So you dream…

And you get to work furiously sending out letters to your top agents.

You killed it. You feel accomplished. As well you should because it’s a huge step putting yourself out there. Pat yourself on the back. Have…

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