A Look Back at Broadway’s Miss Saigon Just Before It Closed as it Opens Again in London

04 May

A lovely look back on the original Broadway cast- here’s to hoping that the London revival will live up to the fans’ expectations! According to the stuff I’ve seen via social media/tumblr- there’s a chance it could!
Phoenixflames12 x
The Heat Is On In Saigon! 🙂

the real /darryl

The much anticipated first revival of Miss Saigon starts today at London’s Prince Edward Theatre!

It has been 15 years since the musical closed on Broadway and London and there has been clamour for the revival as well as a movie. It’s half way there, and hopefully the revival’s success will pave the way for the movie.

In commemoration of the Broadway production months just before it closed, here is the programme insert featuring maybe most of the closing cast.

This was the show I saw in August of 1999, and if I remember correctly, the closing was announced a few months after so I am not sure if the entire cast in the insert were still all there.

The cast, which played at the Broadway Theatre, includes Wicked’s DeeDee Lynn Magno-Hall, Kinky Boots’ Billy Porter, The Wild Party’s Yancey Arias, and Lennon, Aida, and Rent’s Will Chase, among others.





Visit the official Miss Saigon…

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