Random Thoughts On Downton Abbey’s Season 4 Premiere

03 May

Pretty much my thoughts on this premier too- loving the humour here and the reference to Carson and Mrs Hughes- yes, exactly! Well done!
Phoenixflames12 x



SPOILERS follow for the two-hour premiere of Downton Abbey’s Season 4:

1. Am I watching Downton Abbey or a weird zombie/historical fiction mash-up? Oh, right. Matthew died, the British believe in the “stiff upper lip,” so everyone walks around like a zombie. Got it.

2. There may not be any actual zombies, but on the other hand, THE WHOLE WORLD HAS COME TO AN END. In other words, O’Brien snuck off in the night and took another job. I think Cora was ready to hunt down her buddy Susan, the maid-stealer, and hack her to pieces. Susan’s daughter, Rose, the houseguest at Downton, is lucky they didn’t make her walk around in sack cloth and ashes, especially after they found out she knew.

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